BIOROCK, the best residential wastewater treatment system without electricity, zero energy. 25 years warranty!


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Multiple advantages

Revolutionary technology

  • No electricity required
  • No moving parts
  • 24 hour start-up
  • Long absence periods acceptable

Unique comfort

  • Completely silent
  • Lowest operational costs
  • Superb effluent quality
  • Septic tank conversion unit (retrofit)

Sustainability highlights

  • Long lifespan BIOROCK Media
  • Low carbon footprint
  • Minimum annual maintenance
  • Long de-sludge interval

Power-free Aerobic Wastewater Treatment Units

BIOROCK offers a complete range of compact and non-electric residential waste water treatment units. If installed in parallel the treatment units can also cater for large projects up to 300 PE.

BIOROCK power-free Waste Water Treatment Plants offers an ideal solution for residential, domestic wastewater treatment.

The BIOROCK systems are very compact and free from any blower or air diffusors. They don’t need any electricity for the treatment process, leading to minimal maintenance and repair costs, the lowest operational costs and the longest desludge intervals.  These unique advantages lead to significant costs savings for the user compared to conventional wastewater treatment plants, as the reliability of the system is maximized with no possible breakdowns thus no need for expensive spare parts.

The costs-saving Wastewater Treatment Solution

On-going operational cost is one of the most important considerations when buying a Wastewater Treatment Plant. Electric On-Site Treatment Plants involve expensive operational costs. By combining competitive acquisition costs with the most cost effective annual energy use, BIOROCK is an investment in your future.

Superb Strength!!

All the BIOROCK units and Primary Tanks are designed and manufactured to suit all ground conditions including high ground water.

BIOROCK Non-Electric Septic Tank Conversion Unit: Our aerobic wastewater treatment system uses no electricity for the treatment process and can be added to an existing septic tank.

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With 25 years in the wastewater industry, we pride ourselves on our ability to supply our customers with the most economic, sustainable and effective residential Wastewater Treatment solutions.

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Significant savings through very low maintenance and running costs

No energy costs for the treatment process:
Cost savings per year $100 to $150
Long emptying intervals of the primary tank:
3-4 years only. Cost savings per year: $300(*)
Minimal maintenance and repair costs. Not prone to failure. No breakdowns
Thus no need for expensive spare parts

(*) Compared to conventional wastewater treatment plants


The low-maintenance. non-electric waste water treatment plant.

Installation for all type of ground conditions and applications

- Structurally sound in all ground conditions such as high ground-water sites.

- Ability to handle intermittent (seasonal) wastewater loadings, even during long absence periods.

- Can also handle low utilization levels without compromising the treated effluent quality. 

- Non-Electric septic Tank Conversion Unit: Our plant can be added to an existing septic tank. 

The best final effluent testing results in Australia

BIOROCK wastewater treatment systems clean the sewage to an astonishing level of purity. Our residential wastewater treatment systems can be used anywhere where no water treatment works is available. BIOROCK also stands out as one of the most successful systems at the independent test facility in Rotorua, NZ. BIOROCK is certified to meet the secondary effluent quality requirements of AS/NZS 1547:2012.

More information: Read Traditional VS BIOROCK

Unique advantages

  • Completely odourless and silent
  • Excellent treatment performance
  • Free Initial Consultation
  • Installation supervised by trained BIOROCK Certified professionals 





Media: 10 years
Tanks: 25 years

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About the BIOROCK Media

BIOROCK uses a material with huge surface area which allows colonization of the necessary bacteria, a process which is essential for the effective treatment of domestic wastewater.

The BIOROCK media is highly resistant to degradation and remains extremely stable over the long term - our 25 years' experience in the industry being proof of this.

  • Very stable inorganic material - does not break down over time, unlike "organic" media.
  • Requires little maintenance - scraping and scarification is not necessary, unlike for organic media.
  • The structure and composition ensures unsurpassed and unique surface treatment with exceptional purification results.
  • Ecological material, locally produced and 100% recyclable.

BIOROCK offers a much more efficient and ecological wastewater treatment technique compared to traditional techniques that are very high in maintenance and energy consumption.

An Independant Organization has just ranked the BIOROCK Media as the most efficient Media of its category: Read here